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We combine modern modular construction solutions with 30 years of experience in the building construction market.



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In the MOD21 brochure you will find information about how we build, technical information about the product, visualizations of sample buildings, module finishing standards and production details.


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Modular construction

Building from modules made of wood is a response to the needs of the construction market. It is extremely fast and offers the best opportunity for quality control, as the main part of the work is carried out under optimal conditions in our modern production facility. Our modules can be specifically adapted to your individual needs and enable the construction of multi-storey buildings as well as smaller structures. The best thing about our construction method – environmentally friendly and sustainable.


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We are always looking for the best solutions. Therefore, we enable the construction of modular, cubature and hybrid buildings.

Emissions calculator
We have developed a tool that will answer the question: what is the carbon footprint of concrete-based construction and wood-based modules?
The calculator results from complex estimates and analysis of confidential technical data. For the purposes of the on-line tool, these have been simplified to demonstrate the scale of the difference in carbon footprint emissions generated by the two building types.

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Our attempt is to keep the natural environment unaware of our existence.

We know that there is still a lot of work ahead of us, but modular construction is ecological, especially if the structure of the modules is made of wood – a renewable resource when properly cared for.

That is why we want make modular buildings as popular as possible.


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We are a modern and growing company looking for people who are ready to change the future of construction with us in a sustainable way. Become a part of our team. We are looking forward to meeting you!


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Our construction solutions offer advantages that other companies cannot provide.

Modular buildings can be erected up to 70% faster.
Quality is constantly monitored.
Reduce construction-related costs.
Our modules are made of wood.
Modules are the epitome of green building solutions and one of the greatest advances in the industry. That is why MOD21 is creating the future of sustainable construction.

Theodor Kaczmarczyk