Emissions Calculator

Compare the carbon footprint of traditional and timber construction

*Calculator determines emissions for buildings up to 4 floors
Emissions for the building
in conventional technology
kg CO2e
Emissions for the building
in modular technology
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We began cooperation with the Stanisław Staszic Academy of Mining and Metallurgy in Kraków, where Prof. Paweł Bogacz, PhD. Eng., prepared detailed calculations for buildings realised in traditional technology and in modular timber technology.


Carbon footprint

The carbon footprint is the total sum of greenhouse gas emissions caused by the activities of people, products and organisations such as energy consumption, buildings used and means of transport.

Greenhouse gases contribute to global warming, and an increase in the earth’s temperature poses the threat of climate catastrophe. In order to avoid it, we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also conduct actions to compensate for emissions that have already been released.

MOD21 pursues two crucial objectives. The production facility is completely sustainable and zero-emission, whereas our product – wooden modules are a type of zero-emission building.



It is certainly advisable to act and do everything to prevent climate change, and a shift in attitude is necessary to stimulate transformation. We adhere to the principle that in order to manage you must first measure. Therefore, we have developed a CO2 emissions calculator for construction projects.


Prof. AGH dr hab. inż. Paweł Bogacz

Professor at AGH University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Resource Management. The author of more than one hundred and twenty scientific papers, as well as dozens of implementation projects for industry. His academic and teaching activities mainly involve issues related to corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.

He is particularly interested in the areas of building relationships between manufacturing companies and their stakeholders, the implementation of a circular economy and a fair energy transition for Poland. Permanent associate of the Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Team of the Minister of Funds and Regional Policy.

A key function of the calculator is to determine the carbon footprint. We wish the client to be able to see what is the CO2 footprint of a facility during the creation phase, the transportation of raw materials to the construction site, and the construction process itself.



Our modular timber constructions minimise CO2e emissions considerably compared to conventional construction methods. Convince yourself of the positive CO2 balance of our projects and opt for modular timber construction with us!

-96 % CO2e
Day-care centre in Eisingen - constr. 2023
-97 % CO2e
Shared accommodation in Munich - constr. 2023
-96 % CO2e
Day-care centre in Reutlingen - constr. 2024