Environment protection

The forest with its ecosystem is a precious asset. We must protect it.

We are committed to this with all our strength.


The MOD21 Forest

Timber is one of the most sustainable building materials in the world. During growth, a tree binds carbon dioxide and stores it permanently in the wood.
Preserving our forests is therefore essential to reduce the CO2 level in our atmosphere. In this way, we not only protect our climate, but also help to preserve the forest as a natural habitat.



As a company, it is essential for us to make our contribution. It is important to us to act regionally effectively – not only ecologically, but also socially. That is why we are taking an active role in the preservation of our forests and have entered into a cooperation with Treemer®.

Together with Treemer® and local pupils, we planted almost 850 trees in the MOD21 forest in Bavaria. In this way, we not only promote the preservation of the forest but also contribute to the environmental education of young people.

Only if we act together and think long-term can we preserve the forests and protect our nature. For present and future generations.


We have to take care of forests in our local area, because they determine our climate in the region. We all have a hand in this.

Evelyn Rapczynski
PR-Manager MOD21