Klara builds. The Treehouse.

A children’s book about dreams, courage, friendship and new construction methods.

Klara builds. The Treehouse” is the second children’s book from the Erbud Group about a story of young Klara who wants to fulfill her dream of having her own treehouse.

It’s about not letting go of ones goals even when setbacks occur, and about having the courage to overcomeobstacles and fear.

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The book makes one think about the modular wooden construction soon to revolutionize the future of the industry.

The construction sector is responsible for 40% of the global carbon dioxide emissions, which is why building with wood is an alternative – as practically the only renewable building material. A closed economic cycle, a negative carbon footprint and the possibility of re-adaptation are the main advantages of a this technology.

The book appeals not only to children but also to adults, and lucidly explains why we need to use natural and already existing resources in order to build in a sustainable way.

As a company, we see ourselves playing a crucial role in the future of the construction industry. Not only is it about the way we build, but also who we build with. That is why we want to encourage children, and especially women, to take up jobs in the construction industry and not be influenced by stereotypes. It is a diversified professional field that requires new perspectives and solutions.



“Klara builds. The Treehouse” is the successor to the favorable first publication “Klara builds”. Both of the books were published by the Erbud Group, in collaboration with author Jakub Szworz.

The book series covers not only creating buildings, but also creating relationships and self-confidence. The message of the book is that it’s worth having dreams, not being afraid of challenges and consistently pursuing goals.

The second part of the book series was created with a particular contribution of Annabelle von Reutern, an expert in circular construction and a member of “Architects for future”, with the kind support of the Association of Women in Real Estate.

A hundred years ago we turned away from wood and replaced it with concrete, steel and synthetics.

Now we see that those technologies do have a negative impact on the environment therefore we want to go back to wood, which has incredible properties.

Theodor Kaczmarczyk