We shifted the construction process to the factory to have even greater control over every aspect of it.



We build with modules, the structure of which is 90% made of wood. They allow creating any space and adapting it to the necessary needs.



The greatest advantage of the modular technology is the reduction of construction time by up to 70%. For a standard 3000 m2 building, we need only 6 months after signing the contract to put it into use.

fot. Grzegorz Olkowskifot. Grzegorz Olkowskifot. Grzegorz Olkowski
fot. Grzegorz Olkowskifot. Grzegorz Olkowskifot. Grzegorz Olkowski


The majority of the construction work is performed in the factory, which is almost fully automated. This allows us to constantly control the quality of workmanship.
Since everything occurs under a roof, climate factors do not have the slightest influence on the formation of the modules.

Modular construction has, above all, a major advantage – it allows you to build definitely faster and it is significantly easier to move buildings to another place.

Theodor Kaczmarczyk



The modules that leave the factory are complete and ready to be connected to the remaining structure on site. This means that we have laid the electrics, installed the fittings or laid the tiles inside.

It is entirely up to the project and the investor’s requirements how we finish the interior.



Structures erected from the modules may be moved to a new location at any time. They will still have the same durability.

It is also possible to designate specific sections of a building that will be replaced or repurposed over time.

221129_ERBUD_MOD21mm591 (Niestandardowy)221129_ERBUD_MOD21mm591 (Niestandardowy)221129_ERBUD_MOD21mm591 (Niestandardowy)


The fact that the manufacturing plant is automated means that the likelihood of an accident is reduced to a minimum.

Finishing works on the construction site are also easier, as the building is erected from previously prepared elements.