MOD21 Showroom


Discover modular construction

Our showroom is located on the premises of our production facility and offers optimal conditions for a relaxed, detailed consultation as well as a comprehensive overview of the possibilities of modular timber construction.

A total of 6 individual modules come together to form a building with a gross floor area of approx. 300 m2 and allows you to experience the different asset classes live.
Whether residential, accommodation, office or hospital, the future of modular timber construction is already a reality in the MOD21 showroom.

The various options for façade design, which have to meet different requirements depending on the purpose of the building, are also executed here. This ranges from the rear-ventilated titanium-zinc or timber façade to the composite thermal insulation system. With a construction time of only 8 weeks, the showroom, which opened in November 2022, also proves that top quality and fast execution are not mutually exclusive.

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Virtual tour

Experience the quality and diversity of our showroom from the comfort of your own home with an interactive 360-degree tour. Immerse yourself in virtual reality, find out about our modular construction methods and explore the high-quality finish of our buildings.

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Exhibition Area

Our generously furnished ground floor in our showroom reflects the living possibilities of the modular construction. Whether it’s a cosy lounge area, a modern working area with conference facilities, a high-quality and digital kitchen or an inviting bathroom – our wooden modular construction leaves nothing to be desired and impresses with its high quality of workmanship.

Explore the exhibition area on the ground floor:

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On the upper floor of our showroom, you can vividly explore the different asset classes that we are able to create in modular technology.
Exhibition rooms in the asset classes accommodation, work and health await you. Highest quality, best materials, individually coordinated leave no design wishes unfulfilled.

Discover the different rooms on our upper floor:

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