Different asset classes

On the upper floor of our showroom, we show the flexible side of sustainable timber modular construction. Thanks to industrial mass production, we are able to reliably and quickly create not only high-quality and affordable living space, but also office and care facilities. Modular construction gives us the opportunity to adapt each building to its intended use in the best possible way.



In this module, which was developed as a hotel room, a high-quality wooden floor from ter Hürne® and an inconspicuous TV solution (“The Frame”) create a real feel-good atmosphere. Clever features such as the “Smart Glass” shower partition, which changes from translucent to opaque at the touch of a button, round off the room concept.


As a contemporary office unit, this module offers enough free space for a wide variety of workplaces. The wooden wall relief and designer lighting enable concentrated work in pleasant surroundings.


Equipped as a modern hospital room, this module offers enough space for patient care. A barrier-free bathroom and high-quality Geflor floor coverings are part of the possible equipment here.